5 years later – Riverside Bowl Awaits The Bulldozer

What used to be “Wagon Wheel Park” and a roller skating rink transitioned into the Riverside Bowl in the late 40’s and remained a favorite recreation spot for Camas families and bowling enthusiasts until last month, when it quietly shut its doors and turned off the lights. The area is expected to change again and become a slew of condo’s overlooking the Washougal River.



social conservatives who want to see economic growth, and political accountability with prudent skills to effeciently use our tax dollars with the best return on investment within the Camas/Washougal area.
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27 Responses to 5 years later – Riverside Bowl Awaits The Bulldozer

  1. coco says:

    A homeless person w/ a camp fire is the culprit in the bowling alley fire. It has been deemed accidental. Although he is now in the hoose cow.

  2. Mike Briggs says:

    I believe Big Al’s is a success for two very important business reasons:
    1) Location
    2) Marketing

    Although Riverside may have been something in it’s day, no way could it stand up to a place like Big Al’s. And this is something all business in Washougal or Camas must remember- a good business continually looks to innovate and attract new customers. Washougal and Camas are changing. No one can deny this. The question is, will existing business make note of this and respond or will they continue to rely only on the older clientele and put off approaching change? This same criteria applies to city government and policies……… stay current with change, or, the change and progress will make their own rules, as they walk over all of us.

  3. Skeptic says:

    Big Al’s is more than hype. It is a $ maker and put the riverside out of business. They are expanding to Beaverton. Say what you want’ but the fact is most people would rather go to Big AL’s then the dump that the Riverside became.

    Again, it is a question of if this was arson, just a matter of who did it?

  4. Cari says:

    Thats what Skeptic stated earlier when I posted this on Blather. Insurance fraud maybe? Who knows. Alot of the comments on The Columbian thought the same.

  5. George says:

    The old Riverside Bowling Alley is surely done for now. Fire swept through the kitchen area last night, according to the Columbian. It seems a bit suspicious to me. The former Wagon Wheel Park dance hall, in which a struggling young Willie Nelson once performed, seems doomed now for demolition.

  6. memories says:

    Today this bowling alley was set on fire. Which definately chokes me up. To think that this was once a great gathering place, (cigarette smoke and all), and could have been again once more. These people who have owned it in the last two decades could have put a little money into it, but it is the atmosphere that draws people in the end. The restaurant part of Riverside used to have this great chef with a heavy German accent that made all of his food from scratch, right down to the bread. In this day and age, they could have tried to have a great place to go, for people of all ages, to bowl, dance, have fun, and eat some good food. The people would have come, and stayed. Big Als is nothing but big hype. Just ask the dedicated high school bowlers that practice at Baileys Classic Lanes.

  7. Roger Daniels says:

    Tax assessed value is $453,100 – darn my fat fingers.

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