Reminiscing on the “hope” in 2008 – The “O” Glorified

Walking through our community allows me to see a diverse group of opinions – so many people wanting to capture my attention and in some way, sway my vote for their favorite candidate by blighting the side of the road with signs. McCain-Palin, Sutherland, Duplessie, Herrera, and others I can’t remember. After awhile, the constant barrage all becomes a blur of political propaganda that has wore me out. Then there is the “O”. Like the grand master of martial artists or the Savior of the faithful, Obama signs permeate the neighborhoods. Not only are there the Obama-Biden signs – traditional political signs dashed in patriotic colors, now the “O” has taken it further – into a cultish worship of the man. If elected, some really believe he will save us all.

According to statistics, Camas and Washougal traditionally votes conservative (Republican) but based on the “O” disciples, McCain isn’t too popular in these local parts. Can anyone really save us? McCain or the “O”? No matter who is elected, I doubt very much will change. The change I’m looking forward to begins on November 5th, when all the signs come down.




social conservatives who want to see economic growth, and political accountability with prudent skills to effeciently use our tax dollars with the best return on investment within the Camas/Washougal area.
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151 Responses to Reminiscing on the “hope” in 2008 – The “O” Glorified

  1. Gooch says:

    It seems like this post has gone a little off subject as usually happens.

    The original posting was curious about the”O” phenomenon and how it seems to have spread even to traditionally GOP strongholds.

    The answer to that is simple; our great country has been driven so far out into the weeds by the “W” and his crew that people are frantic to perform an “at home” regime change. Any semblance of the last guys in power won’t be tolerated by Americans eager to put the country back on some kind of track that won’t lead us to further ruin.

    For anyone that has been paying attention the last 8 years and using your own mind to make decisions, the choice that needs to be taken is pretty clear.

    For those who want to make up their mind based on voices coming from a radio or television, they should try to think on their own for a change.

    Go Obama! Save us!


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