CW Watch is a commentary about a variety of issues that impact the community of Camas Washougal; from political races to community concerns. It is also a vehicle to share news, events and community updates, reveal government abuses of power or abuses of tax payers money. To hold elected officials accountable to the tax payers. To encourage business growth and development.

Feel free to add your opinion,  but keep it focused on the issue, not the person who expressed their opinions. It has been our goal since the beginning of this blog to allow the reader the ability to express their opinion regarding issues of concern and enter into discussion about community issues in Camas and Washougal.

We will continue to uphold this; unfortunately, a few people lower themselves to personal attacks, personal threats, stalking or like to play guessing games as to authorship of writers and readers. We will take editorial privilege on a case by case basis.

Blog Rules:

· Write about the issue. Not the writer. Keep the subject matter relevant to the post

· Attacking people using name calling, rumormongoring, gutter sniping may be edited. Calling someone a “pinhead” is very different than calling someone an “a##hole”. Use discretion when selecting your words. We also encourage the use of a dictionary and Thesaurus.

· Vulgarities, and cursing is not allowed.

Here is how you can prevent your post from being rejected or edited:

  1. Don’t use personal attacks toward the moderators “When you resort to attacking the messenger and not the message, you have lost the debate.” – Addison Whithecomb
  2. Don’t make threats to anyone
  3. Unsubstantiated accusations about article writers may be rejected (example: a certain male political candidate was accused of inappropriate fidelity actions – without substantiation – the post was never published.

Don’t like  the rules?  Go somewhere else. 

A note from the moderators:

Some of your comments may get thrown into the moderation queue (filter process) even though your comment contains no derogatory language.

We do maintain key words that trigger automatic moderation and certain people who consistently ignore our rules automatically get thrown into moderation as well.

We apologize to legitimate commentators who get thrown into the queue for no apparent reason.

We review the blog  so if your comment gets thrown into moderation, please be patience, we will review if for any offensive language and release it for publication ASAP.

There is no need to repost it or post an inquiry about it on the blog.

Remember, if your post is not relevant to the original subject of the Post, it may be edited, moved, or deleted. If you post a duplicate, one will be deleted.

Blog Etiquette For Dummies:

Following these simple guidelines will keep your written comments away from the censors’ keyboard.

Instead of: “You are an idiot” use: “Your statement was inaccurate and here is why……..”

Instead of: “ you are stupid” use: “ you’re a pinhead because _____________”

Instead of: “You are narrow minded” use: “your comment was narrow minded. Here is why…”

“I disagree with your comment, here is why…..”

“Why do you have to be so mean” don’t write trite statements like that. Who cares?

“Who are you” No one cares. Stop asking.

Don’t give other writers advice unless they ask for it. – We don’t want to read it.

Don’t psychoanalyze other writers. We don’t care about your analysis.

Politicians are public figures – their actions are public. It’s acceptable to attack their behavior, their track record, anything that pertains to their elected job. We don’t care who is sleeping with whom, if a politician is gay, or straight. Can/do they do their job? Are they a drunk, drug addict? – back it up if you make a statement as such.

Now we might care if they make their personal lifestyle a political agenda. Ex: a fat councilwoman runs for congress because she wants to champion special rights for fat people. – Personal lifestyle would be on the table for discussion.

It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it.” -Joseph Joubert

“Freedom is hammered out on the anvil of discussion, dissent, and debate.” – Hubert H. Humphrey


59 Responses to About

  1. Jeff Guard says:

    I know nothing about this. I do know that they hired a code enforcement officer a year or so ago and the aggressiveness has picked up. Don’t expect anything from the local papers. They know nothing and do nothing re: investigative reporting.

  2. Washougal Who? says:

    Hello, Hey Jeff why is it that a small business like Peebles Floor covering had to move his business out of that small house that was zoned commercial/Residential or get fined $5oo.00 per day. The choices are I believe, 1) File permit for city review, (Change of use) impact studies, remodel the house for ADA including bathroom etc. Or 2) move out! His choice and only real option was to move out. How can you make a 900 sq ft house ADA approved? He did thousands of dollars worth of repairs and upgrades to the building just to be able to open it up. Then simply had to move out. This all seems senseless to me. How can a small business survive in these times of trouble when we implement such high costs and requirements? Should they all simply move to camas? What will this mean to the Tobacco store across from McD and all the other small businesses in these small houses? Do they all have to shut down? Is this what our city wants to do to small business? I think the Newspaper should investigate this and run a story about it. Please leave a comment about this issue. I believe Bill Gates even started in a garage. Thank you.

  3. Jeff Guard says:

    “This blog was started to further a conservative political agenda”. No … say it ain’t so! How could that be!

  4. Camas Carl says:

    Thanks for the response. I find no need to start my own blog. If all contributers to a blog were of like minds, they would all be preaching to the choir.

  5. Gershon says:

    Carl, The relevant information that you did provide, WAS not deleted, it was actually added to the original post.

    The post was provided to give contact info. to community leaders and Special Interest Groups. Not to have a discussion if they are “officials” or not.
    No one but you cares what the title of the post is. …get over it.
    sorry you don’t like the fact that your irrelevant info was delete. Again, the page was NOT intended for discussion – only to offer info.
    You’ll notice, the moderators info was delete as well. If you still have a problem…sorry, we can’t help you. Hope you find solice in another blog.

  6. Gershon says:

    Camas Carl (Camas Man) your misinformation is still irrelevant. Since you can’t add anything of substance to the current issues and discussions, or this blogs value has diminished, maybe it would be a good idea to start your own blog OR send irrelevant info to the PostRecords’ Letters to the Editor. Maybe someone there will take an interest in your ramblings. And to think, you used to be a great contributor with relevant, issue centric comments.

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    However, when the “moderator” decides to use his editing ability to control the content off the discussion, and even to alter his own comments after they have been part of the discussion, the value of this forum is greatly diminished.

    Perhaps you may wish to start your own blog.

  8. Camas guy whose name won't pass the blog filter says:

    The blog’s “moderator” has deleted several of my comments on the “Public Officials Contact Info” discussion topic (recently altered to eliminate the word ‘officials’), and heavily edited the one that remains, saying they were “not relevant to the post”. Most of these comments were on the blog for a couple of days before being deleted, and readers who have followed this discussion have seen them before they were removed. You know they were relevant, or they were asking why other comments were removed without reason.

    This blog was started to further a conservative political agenda and to attempt to influence a couple of races in the last election. It completely failed in this last goal. But it has been a forum to discuss issues important to the community. However, when the “moderator” decides to use his editing ability to control the content off the discussion, and even to alter his own comments after they have been part of the discussion, the value of this forum is greatly diminished.

    Although I prefer to have these conversations in the light of public scrutiny, the “moderator” has repeatedly asked me to correspond by email to get an answer to my questions about the deletion of my comments. So I did just that, but after waiting almost 3 days for a response I am starting to believe that no response will come.

    This comment, about the operation of this blog, is being posted to the “About CW Watch” discussion topic to be sure it is relevant. I have altered my name because the blog filter is not allowing me through. Let’s see how long it lasts.

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