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social conservatives who want to see economic growth, and political accountability with prudent skills to effeciently use our tax dollars with the best return on investment within the Camas/Washougal area.

CW Watch is Back

Three years later and little has changed in CW; we are still in a recession, E Street is now two lanes and bottlenecked, HWY 14 is a mess – with the goofiest design ever including 2 roundabouts – drivers not … Continue reading

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Reminiscing on the “hope” in 2008 – The “O” Glorified

Walking through our community allows me to see a diverse group of opinions – so many people wanting to capture my attention and in some way, sway my vote for their favorite candidate by blighting the side of the road … Continue reading

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School Starts This Week – Pay Attention

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5 years later – Riverside Bowl Awaits The Bulldozer

What used to be “Wagon Wheel Park” and a roller skating rink transitioned into the Riverside Bowl in the late 40’s and remained a favorite recreation spot for Camas families and bowling enthusiasts until last month, when it quietly shut its … Continue reading

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